• cFos expression is induced by neuronal activity and many other non-related factors
  • Npas4 protein expression provides a pure marker of neuronal activity
  • Our anti-Npas4 recombinant monoclonal antibody can help you avoid ambiguous results

Why Npas4?

• GPCR-mediated elevations in cAMP, neurotrophins and other paracrine factors all drive cFos expression in neurons and non-neuronal cells
• Npas4 is unique among IEG products in that expression is neuron-specific, has faster kinetics and is tuned exquisitely to Ca2+ signaling downstream of neuronal activity

Antibody Validation

• Our monoclonal antibody was raised against a large Npas4 protein fragment and selected among 100’s of clones for specificity as demonstrated by complete loss of reactivity in npas4 KO mice
• Validated in many diverse applications in multiple species


• Fully warrantied to work in standard methodologies
• Supplied at 1 mg/ml in sterile PBS (no additives) and stable at 4°C for >3 months and more than a year at -20°C
• Standard sizes of 100 µl or 300 µl with higher concentration bulk volumes also available