7th Annual BRAIN Initiative Investigators Meeting. June 15-17

CEO Damian Wheeler will demonstrate the use of our anti-Npas4 Ab for whole-brain marking of neuronal activiy.

The meeting will take place online. Free registration at:

Keystone Brain Therapeutics Meeting. Santa Fe, NM. Feb 16-19

CEO Damian Wheeler gave a talk entitled "Brain-Wide Cellular Resolution Measurement of Neuronal Activity and Neuroinflammation" at Keystone's Brain Therapeutics: Disruptive Technologies and Opportunities meeting.

Neuroscience 2019. Chicago, IL. Oct 19-23

Damian Wheeler, CEO of Activity Signaling and Translucence Biosystems, presented work on the development of a whole brain assay of neuronal activity. Optically cleared mouse brains were labelled with the Activity Signaling Npas4 Ab, and imaged usingTranslucence's Mesoscale Imaging SystemTM. Recently active Npas4(+) neurons were automatically identified, counted and mapped to >1,000 anatomical regions with Translucence's machine learning-enabled 3TK software.